NCHS/CDC Proposal for ICD-10-CM


A meeting took place on September 11 and 12, 2018 by the ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee.  On September 12, Donna Pickett discussed a proposal for “chronic fatigue syndrome”.  Dr. Lily Chu of the IACFS/ME called in with her approval of NCHS/CDC’s proposal for revised classifications for CFS and ME and a new classification for SEID.

The proposal from the National Center for Health Statistics NCHS/CDC is in the chart below taken from CDC’s packet for the meeting.

ICD 10 Sept 12, 2018 proposal

You can watch the “CFS” section of the meeting video here –


Proposed item changes under G93 – other disorders of the brain

  • The title for G93.3 classification changed from Postviral to Postviral and other fatigue syndromes
  • Benign Myalgic Encephalomyelitis changed to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis with new code – G93.32
  • Switch chronic fatigue syndrome from R53.82 to new code – G93.33
  • New item for systemic exertion intolerance disease with code G93.30
  • New code for other postviral and related fatigue syndromes – G93.39

Some comments from Donna Pickett’s presentation:

CFS and ME are different entities.  They are not the same

ME/CFS is an umbrella term for all the entities

The term SEID is already used in clinical practice settings and in medical training

Because the term SEID is already being used, it needs a classification

Some comments from Lily Chu’s call-in:

The new SEID criteria are already being used by all federal agencies

SEID overlaps ME and CFS, however, these entities are not the same

ME/CFS covers all entities – ME, CFS, and SEID

IOM recommended new ICD coding for SEID

Flu symptoms and muscle pain are figured prominently in ME/CFS (which stands for ME, CFS and SEID)

The diagnoses of ME, CFS, and SEID are not equivalent

We are in favor of NCHS’s proposal

Clinicians are already using all these terms; ME, CFS, SEID, and [inscribtion says PBFF – but it’s probably PVFS?]

Having the term SEID as a sub-class would be helpful.  It would allow better tracking and research into these conditions


Comments on the diagnosis proposals presented at the ICD Coordination and Maintenance Committee meeting should be sent to the following email address:  Deadline for comments on this proposal is November 13, 2018.